Cookie Policy


Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your equipment when youvisit some websites browser, which can be used to identify that you havepreviously visited a site, or to store small bits of information locally with you. Ifyou want to know more about what cookies are and how to control them, is a great resource, or read on to see what we usecookies for.

We use cookies to make our website easier for you to use. You can removeany cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you fromusing parts of our website.

None of the cookies used on our websites collect personally identifiableinformation about you.

We use 3 different types of cookies:1) Compliance Cookies

We will use a cookie to count how many times the cookies pop up has beenshown to you. Once it has been shown to you a number of times (acceptcookies), the pop up will no longer be displayed (unless you removed thecompliance cookies from your device).

2) Functional Cookies

These cookies, known as Session IDs, are used to enable core sitefunctionality. They do not contain any personal information. These cookies aresession cookies.

3) Analytic Cookies measuring web traffic

We make use of a tool from Google called Google analytics which tells usabout the way users are using This tool uses cookiesto detect and let us know that someone has been to the site before, so that weknow how often people return to our website, how long they keep using it, and

which parts of the website they tend to go. We use this information to try tofind out how people use our website so we can improve it.


You can control how your web browser deals with cookies by changing yourbrowser settings. has a great guide on how to do this for all the majorbrowsers, and a lot of other information about cookies.